What I Have Learned in My First 2 Weeks As A Creative Entrepreneur

threecrownsstudio firstweek entreprenuer

Woah! Where did the time go? No really…where the flip did it go?
After the excitement and the balloon emojis, “get it girl” comments faded down my instagram feed into neverland I was left with…ME. Well to be more clear ME and my Computer and the quiet stillness of working from home. I have this contentment despite the swirl of unknowns that surround me and my family and my life and for someone who runs their anxiety at a steady 7.5 this is new for me. Here’s my observations so far:

  1. Being Home Alone is Super Strange

    I have been so used to getting up with kids, then in my car and pulling out of the driveway and off to a day of colleaues and business and then turning around and coming home to kids and their business. Now, once the kids are off, I sit down with a coffee at a quiet desk and the day ahead is eerily wonderful. However I keep thinking the phone will ring and a voice on the other end will say “where are you, you are supposed to be in “XYZ” meeting.

  2. I Don’t Miss the Small Talk

    I am a girl who loves to share and chat, but I am ALSO a gal who love to get down into a convo that has meaning quickly, so not having to do the “how was your weekend/kids” convo has been nice.

  3. Not Spending 200 mins in the Car Driving Gives You 200 Extra Minutes

    This one needs no explanation. Also ZOOM calls have been so great for local collaborations. It’s supposed to be very cold this winter, so this will come in handy.

  4. You Will Meet the Most Amazing Women Following their Passions

    I had an idea of this world of boss ladies in the first 6 months of business as I attended meetups and groups. There is this subset of female entrepreneurs that exist that will rock your socks off. In saying that, I had no clue to the level that I would be inspired, pushed, championed and cheered on in my first few weeks. I have been asked for coffee, I have been invited to movie dates, I have been on inspiring video chats with people who know what they are doing far better than I, and are willing to share. Can you tell I am gushing? It’s because corporate is a competitive, political place for many. If this isn’t your current workplace yay! Celebrate that!

  5. Meetings are Now at Cafe’s and Restaurants

    Lots is the same in terms of scheduling and prep. You still need a pen and paper and you still need to ask the right questions and focus but now it involves the sound of beans grinding and/or a club sandwich.

  6. If I Need Time for Things I Can Just Take It

    Doctors Appointment? Work Out? Massage? Chuck dinner from the freezer to defrost. No Problem

  7. Being Accountable to Yourself Makes You Proud

    This is a given, but setting goals in the morning and completing them by the end of the day and having productive and forward moving strategy conversations along the way gives a surge of accomplishment and energy like no other.

  8. Patience

    Planting seeds (or quotes in my case) or responding to those price inquiries, that coffee date, that network session… all of that will pay off…in time. You have to let it and believe it, and keep reaching out for new connections until they do.

  9. You Can Wear Your Killer Signature Outfit More than Once

    Got a few meetings in a few days, love that white blouse that has the right combo of flattering lines and boss status? Repeat that sucker! No one knows!

  10. Every Day Is Exciting

    I don’t mean leap out of bed and singing with cartoons exciting. More that each day is different, each day has a new opportunity and each day has potential.

  11. You Will Say to Yourself “What and I Doing?” or “I Don’t Know What I am Doing”

    At least 20 times every DAMN day, and each time you have to pull that warrior voice inside and say “you’ve got this”.

On to next week. I’ve got this.