Brandspiration Blog: Tara McCrory

I was introduced to Tara McCrory ( only a few months ago and in that time we have gotten a LOT accomplished together. A mini branding shoot, a full on event, multiple planning/strategy meetings, breakfasts, phone chats, ZOOM calls and finally an awesome logo design for her brand which she has such a clear vision on. This always makes my job easier because we are off to the races so quickly and we can really flush things out right off of the bat. So, a logo board was made and we both loved the same one! It’s not often clients go for my personal faves too so this was great. Tara is a dynamic, bold, direct, supportive and energetic woman so I wanted that to be reflected in her logo. She sent me an amazing mood board that included everything from a bold pink lipstick to a metallic statue to a peacock painting but somehow they all just fit. Additionally Tara had this awesome tag line: Connect Your Dots which I thought was A+ so that had to be there. I am so looking forward to her next steps in life and business. If you would like spiritual/life coaching sessions, angel card readings and someone to help you clarify your next steps, especially those leaving the corporate world like me and stepping into a new chapter… Tara is your girl. I can’t wait to see what she does next, because she has provided me with some eye opening perspective in just a short time.

Bright Outdoor Color Shots(1).png