Summer Tie Dye Party


We decided to host a fun midsummer bash in our backyard with friends and neighbors. The theme was tie dye and the ask was simple. Bring clothing (stained items for double points) and dye away! The kids had fun but I think the adults really did too as we did the creative parts for them and picked the style we would dye. I'll admit I am usually a planner but sort of winged this one day of and it was casual and fun. I used Tulip Brand Dyes that I purchased at Michaels Craft Store and they worked well and inside was a handy instruction sheet to give us some ideas as some of us had never attempted to tie dye before. I also bought extra gloves just in case and we really did need them so that's a hot tip that you heard here. What was even more fun was the anticipation of waiting to wash the tie dye out to reveal the final design and then sharing the photos with each other online. I was really happy with mine! We will be rocking them this summer.

For the food, i grabbed some colourful snacks like Skittles, Tie Dye Fruit Roll Ups and a wickedly on point multi rainbow cake from Walmart Canada which couldn't have been more perfect.

You will need: A plastic sheet for table, 3 buckets (or one bucket and 2 basins), tie dye kits, elastic bands, paper towel, water, zip lock bags, a sharpie, a garbage bag.

Tips: Make sure your dying surface is covered well with plastic sheet or table cloth. DO TIE DYE OUTSIDE!

Have extra gloves and some paper towels on hand just in case. Have a water bucket filled for soaking shirts, and 2 additional tubs or basins to be the dying stations to catch the liquid and keep things as mess free as possible.

This is what we did.....Step One: Soak shirt in water  Step Two: wrap, twist or swirl your shirt until you have your pattern  Step Three: place elastic bands around them   Step Four: Put on gloves and go to dying basin, choose colors and apply them generously to the shirt in your style or pattern.  Step Five: Place soaked shirt gently into a ziplock bag, close tight and label. Step Six: Wait 6-8 Hours or overnight and rinse out thoroughly till water is clear and then put ALONE in the wash and then dry normally and TA DA!