A Very Lioney First Birthday

Home Made Lion Stuffies for each baby guest to take home!

Our youngest son is now ONE! I can't believe it and as cliche as it sounds I don't know where the time has gone. It's been such a wonderful year with an incredible kid and I can't wait to watch him grow further. He was born with a little mane of hair and so we call him Leo the Lion affectionately at home. This seemed like a great theme for the party. Being a June baby, this was all supposed to be outdoors but of course it rained and we were all packed inside and bouncy castle had to wait until the rain cleared. It was a little squished but we had a great time. I decided to take the pressure off myself this year and just get all of our food from Costco. I was super impressed with their sandwich trays, they were hearty and easy to serve and then I just paired them with a bunch of their cold salads and made a quick vegetable and fruit tray and voila, food done. I realized that in years past I have done too much and this year was so much more relaxed and social, I think Costco is now my go to for party catering. I also was able to relax because  I have extremely talented family members, in particular 2 aunts that are unbelievably crafty and creative that made Leo's showstopping Lion Head Cake and Zebra cupcakes and amazing party favors for the kiddies to take home including hand made Lion stuffies with hilarious tails and tiger tail chocolate pretzels and not to forget the mason jars with animal toppers filled with animal cookies. He's a lucky little boy and we are lucky to have him in our lives.