Love Letter to Mat Leave


Dear Mat Leave,

You have treated me so well and allowed me to grow more in this one year than I have in my 34 years on earth thus far. I learned so many things but mostly that I CAN. I CAN find a rainbow at the end of a storm. I CAN deliver a baby in a different way and format and with a different empowerment than before. I CAN feed and love and nurture 2 young boys and love them the same amount (something I was so nervous about). I CAN take them on airplanes, out to dinner, and in and out of any store with mostly ease. How I CAN not let having 2 kids change my ability to be a wife and care and work on my marriage when it needs it. How I CAN pursue passions and start a business and continue to be creative. How I CAN accept my body for what it is right now, buy clothes that fit right now and own it. How I CAN feel ready to go back to work and also ugly cry about leaving them behind and I CAN be ok with both. How I CAN find another great group of women who are smart and empathetic and relatable and give great advice and how this tribe CAN and will take you through this year and make it a lot easier to do so together. How I CAN handle so much more than I give myself credit for. I leave this year behind, the most fulfilling one of my life and move forward not with these CANS but as a stronger, more powerful and enlightened woman who has so much more to offer her kids and herself and others as she embarks back to work.