It all started with a …

Wedding actually! My own in fact. I got engaged and needed some wedding invitations designed and I knew what I liked so I thought…why don’t I learn graphic design! That parlayed and meshed nicely with my corporate career in Marketing. So off I went and taught myself to design my own branded wedding set. But then of course I must take photos of all these little details that I had been working so hard on for my DIY nuptials. In comes a DSLR, a Nikon D5000 that my husband bought me as a gift and I learned and taught myself how to shoot pretty photos and I thought that was it until…I had a BABY. That leave from my 9-5 made me a little squirrelly to get my creative juices flowing so I had some fun designing logos, websites and taking photos for local small businesses and I realized how these all can go together and blend so well and then… I had ANOTHER BABY! And this baby was so kind to give me lots of sleep and allow me to hone my photography craft which is ever evolving and shoot to my hearts content and experiment with light until I was encouraged to host my first mini session. It was a Valentine’s theme and featured little babies under 6 months and no one told me that 1. I may not know what I was doing and 2. I wasn’t an expert at off camera lighting and 3. babies under 6 months are really hard to shoot as they don’t sit up (queue head smacking emoji). In the end, we got great shots and everyone was happy and we had fun and the rest is history. Since Three Crowns Studio (named for the three important men in my life) began it has been an incredible learning experience that has lead to the most creatively fulfilling years of my life. It has been about relationships, about having fun and laughing, about it starting to rain in a shoot or a baby having a blowout or being allergic to horses while shooting at a horse barn. It has been the most fulfilling experience of my life. So that’s me and that’s how we got here and we will continue to roll with whatever comes our way. xo - Dana

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