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Since 2014, Three Crowns Studio has done more than photography, more than graphic design, more than web design. We've started a way for better living brands to boost their imagery in a variety of mediums because we BELIEVE in you. Your small business deserves the same high quality service and design as the BIG GUYS. We fuse a unique eye for capturing your style and projecting that to your audience. It’s no secret that we LOVE our clients. We cheerlead and champion you and your business journey. If you’d like to know a little more about me, please visit my bio.

From Start to Finish and In Between

It can be daunting to start a business. You need ALL of the the things. Logos, headshots, branding images, stock photos, flyers, social graphics and of course a website. This can be overwhelming and you want to start things off with a BANG by tying in your entire brand together and get your ideal client to recognize you immediately. We can help with that.


You already have a fantastic loyal customer base with established brand design you love but need to BOOST what you have with imagery that pops be that photography, video, custom design or a new web page.

What is a branding shoot?

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Stunning visuals pull your clients in but amazing copy and lead magnets send them to your inbox. Having a site that turns followers into fans into paying clients and then booked into your calendar is what a well functioning site does. We have a variety of options for the small to medium business owner who knows they need a site for more than just vanity, they need it as a sales tool to compliment their brand messaging and they don’t have hours to take away from their day to get it done. That is why you have Squarespace Circle member on your site. Let’s build!

Is your website landing you clients?

Website Design

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Think about how you feel when you pick up a product that costs twice the price of the one beside it. What made you grab that one and not the other? Did something about the colour tones, packaging quality and feel draw you in? Or maybe you have seen that product hyped all over social media and it seems like it’s “everywhere”. That’s strong brand identity!

No matter what the size of your organization you need to map your your brand vision, where it will appear and where it can grow. Find out more about how important brand identity is and how yours can take your brand to the next level and help it launch with a punch.

How strong is your brand identity?




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